Protest Permanant banned?

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  1. Name durkzzz
  2. Steamid STEAM_0:1:5998088
  3. Date + Time 01.05.19 19:17
  4. Reason ( Well it says spinhack)
So ive been banned while i was offline, without any explanation other then "spinhack"
Die Noobs Banlist

And i would like to view the demo? oh wait there is no demo because you have banned me without any evidence just hear say or what you thought you saw which was my reactions. Ive been playing css since 2004 ive been to multiplae lans, i have over 6k hours on css. So i made some quick headshots which isnt abnormal and i get banned. I guess some people dont really have experience at this game because if they did i wouldnt be banned. Now i can see why the server title has noobs in it.

Absolutely pathetic sod it ill go play somewherelse where some noob wont ban me